Advantages of Online Test Series

Advantages of Online Test Series

Online test series is an online test conducting tool which is designed to help the students of your coaching center to make them more prepared and competent for any competitive exams conducted all over India. With the help of this effective tool, students will be able to improve their knowledge and it boosts their confidence as well as rank/score in the mock test and main exams by taking these practice tests. And by registering their names on online test series, they will get access to thousands of question paper prepared by experts covering a different subject that comes in competitive exam.

advantages of online test series

Advantages of Online Test Series

Online test series are very easy to configure as there is no need for software or hardware because it is accessible from any browser and there is no need for a separate server. Here the examiner can also define the difficulty level.

1. Scalable

With scalable testing, hundreds of exam questions are continuously generated so you will be given a random series of questions. This is a secure way to prevent cheating in the exams. And these automatic techniques are used to identify promising question answer threads, generated questions are similar to the actual questions that students will encounter in the actual test.

2. Instant result and analysis

instant result and analysis

Online test series will give the candidates instant result and he/she will be able to know how he/she performed in the exam by this he can work on his/her weak points immediately. The examiner and candidates will also be able to make a comparative analysis of their AIR, percentile, performance, and progress.

3. Candidate can get strong/weak area analysis


candidate analysis

After giving the online test, the candidates will be brought to an analysis page which shows them what subjects and topics the candidates is good at and in which one he/she needs improvement.

4. Cost-effective

The online test series are flexible and cost-effective as compared to paper-based examination, thus the cost per candidates is lesser in online test series than paper-based examination. And multiple students can take the online test series at the same time.


steps for test series

  1. First of all, it is very important to determine the question bank, covering a different subject. The examiner will have the list of subjective and objective questions that the students will answer during the exam.
  2. Secondly, set the pattern of exam, which shows the structure of the examination and display the type of questions to answer. And the total number of question in each section to be answered in each section by the candidate. The questions asked in the examination are subjective and objective type questions which test a range of abilities such as English language, reasoning ability, Quantitative Aptitude, General Awareness, and many others.
  3. Set up the online text series with the use of an online examination platform and internet-enabled computer. In this way, certified employees and candidate can have access to the test without the need for software or hardware. Make sure that your online testing platform has a secured network to ensure that the information is secured.

Tips for Preparing for these Tests

  • Well, these test series are key for better performance in actual exams, hence they should not be taken for granted. Following are quick tips for sailing through online tests series or any examination.
  • Plan your study and prepare a proper time table for yourself.
  • Make equal time slot for each subject or according to the difficulty level of subjects.
  • Practice from sample paper, question bank and prepare quick revision note.
  • Get your doubts cleared in advance by your teacher.
  • Focus on concepts and thoroughly revise them.
  • Do group study and discuss the difficult concepts with your groupmates.
  • If you’re appearing for online test series, then make sure your PC and internet connections are working properly.
  • Keep yourself calm, take proper rest and balanced diet.

Online Test Series is designed with an aim to assess the acquired knowledge of candidates for their better performance in final exams. Hence candidates need to take these online test series seriously for better performance in the examination.

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