Why Bulk SMS is a Great Marketing Tool for your Business?

Why Bulk SMS is a Great Marketing Tool for your Business?

Bulk SMS is a great marketing tool to transform the way of business. If your message is small and you are appealing to the targeted audience then surely it will be read by your customer. It allows you to send thousands of messages in a second and if you need to pass on some urgent information to your customers or contacts then bulk SMS is a better option to send a single message directly to the contact of your mobile phone at one go. E-mail communication is not always as effective as Bulk SMS.

Now, let’s start analyzing what exactly makes it an attractive marketing tool:

1. SMS works across all operating systems:

sms works along all operations

Unlike mobile apps, It doesn’t need to be adaptive across different operating systems. Additionally, SMS is already built into the phone so it completely doesn’t matter if a customer is using Android or IOS, you are able to approach all of them in a cost-effective way.

2. People are more active on Mobile:

Today people are more active on the phone. They perform almost all operation through their mobile phones and spend maximum time on phones. And because of more active users on phone, bulk SMS services plays an important role as a marketing tool.

3. High Open Rates:

sms-high open rates

A simple phone message can send information without wasting anyone’s time. Most of the people who receive message open and read it if they find your products and services reliable they keep their impression in their mind about your products and services.

4. SMS works on all phone types:

If you are targeting a demographic that doesn’t have access to a smartphone, for example, seniors citizens or those people who think smartphones a waste of time then for that SMS services are the best as it works on all phone types. From the past two decades, SMS technology works on all types of phone and there is no sign of the SMS capability becoming obsolete in the future. As a result, SMS helps you to reach a wide audience without alienating a key consumer segment.

5. Reliable & Cost effective:

sms are cost-effective

Bulk SMS service is very reliable and cost effective for all types of industries as it provides a panel through which one can send bulk SMS and can reach customer place. You can get this panel at a very low cost and it is also easy to use in comparison to another mode of marketing tools.

6. SMS campaigns yield both a high response rate and high conversion rate:

SMS is an astonishingly reliable and powerful communication tool. Nowadays, almost everybody has a mobile phone and on top of that, with 98% open rate within 15 minutes of receipt and 90% reply rate within 3 minutes; By contrast, E-mails have a 25% open rate and also battle against spam and other email filters. And as a result, considering promotion SMS campaigns are far better than email campaigns. The response rate in SMS service is very high and that’s why companies use this to generate leads and convert it into business. This is the easy way to generate leads and revenue for your business.

7. Customers take a proactive role with SMS campaigns:

customer proactive role

Customers are more active to an opt-in message that they receive on their mobile devices specifically with SMS as compared to email. And as a result, the recipients are acutely aware they choose to receive SMS messages and as a result, are more likely to be engaged with your campaign.

8. SMS campaigns create a personal customer experience:

With SMS mobile campaigns, companies are able to communicate with customers in a more personalized medium. Here both customer and marketers can enjoy a symbiotic relationship as customers receive more custom messages and marketers are able to receive responses in real time and gain valuable insights from the interaction.

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