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What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is an internet hosting service that permits an individual or organizations to make their website visible onto the internet. Such services are provided by a web host or a web hosting service provider. Generally, it provides the various technologies and services required to make the website or webpages visible on the internet. Usually, Servers host and store the websites. If a user or any of your customer want to view your site, so they can simply type your website address or domain in their browser. After that, the user’s computer will be connected to your server and they will be able to access your web pages through the browser. You should own your domain in order to host with the companies. Hosting companies help you purchase your own domain. We at Web lion technology help you to purchase your own domain name and also provide you with Web hosting services.

Benefits of Web Hosting Service?

If you are willing to make your website accessible online, your website requires a web hosting service. A web host always provides much more than web hosting services to business owners. Web hosting firms generally employ technicians to ensure that their client’s websites are running 24/7. If website owners are in need of help they support them in the best possible manner. A web hosting service provider makes sure a trouble-free experience for the business owner so that they can efficiently focus on their business with maximum efforts.

What is a Domain Name?

A domain name can be termed as your website name. In other words, it is the address through which internet users can approach your website. We cannot remember a series of number (IP address). Because of this, domain names were developed. They enable us to identify entities on the internet without using an IP address. It is a combination of letters and numbers. You can use it in various domain name extension, for example, .net, .com, etc. Web Lion technology provides your own domain name without any additional charges.

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Hosting and Domain is a way of registering your online presence on the World Wide Web. Web Lion Technology can help you get it registered by our team of experts.

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